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Buried Treasures Mix Vol 1

This is Volume 1 of a special mix series where I’m digging up buried treasure from some popular artists. It’s a mix of songs by bands and solo acts you will likely recognize, but the songs are either rare, or not played very often. They may bring back memories, or some you may not have even heard before.

There are a lot of great songs by musicians who are well known that hardly ever get airplay and so I hope you will find some here. 

All for one and One For The Vine! 

Song List:
00:00:00 – The Who – Quadrophenia
00:05:47 – Foreigner – Starrider
00:09:39 – The Babys – Union Jacks
00:15:11 – The Police – I Burn For You
00:19:54 – ELO – Concerto For A Rainy Day (excerpt) – Standin’ In The Rain / Big Wheels
00:29:18 – Journey – When The Love Has Gone
00:33:11 – U2 -Love Comes Tumbling
00:37:55 – Aerosmith – Round and Round
00:42:51 – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – The Road to Babylon
00:49:42 – Peter Gabriel and Jack Wall – Curtains
00:55:28 – Queen – White Queen (As It Began)
00:59:59 – The Cure – Push
01:04:20 – 10cc – Feel The Benefit
01:15:48 – Styx – Man In The Wilderness
01:21:27 – Dream Theater – Eve
01:26:26 – Kansas – Distant Vision
01:35:10 – Genesis – Vancouver
01:38:04 – Paul McCartney and Wings – Venus and Mars
01:41:40 – Depeche Mode – Dressed in Black
01:44:03 – Elton John – Funeral For a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
01:54:48 – Tears For Fears – Listen
02:01:21 – Jon Anderson and Vangelis – So Long Ago, So Clear




When I was in elementary school I wore out my vinyl copy of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and that started me off on this musical journey. Along came Genesis, and I was hooked! Along the way, I developed an appreciation for Saga, Yes, and many others. This site is a labor of love as I stumble across new music in the genre, as well as reminisce about the bands whose music I turn to time and again...and always discover something new. All for one and one for the vine!