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Covers Mix Vol I

This is the first of a covers collection that I’m putting together. There are some professional artists and some amateurs, as well as studio and live performance versions. Not everything is polished, but I found all of these interpretations to be interesting.

All for one and one for the vine!

Song List:
0:00:00 – Jordan Rudess – Dance On A Volcano (Genesis)
0:08:31 – Bobaflex – Hey You (Pink Floyd)
0:13:12 – Surreal – Limelight – (Rush)
0:17:14 – Southern Empire – Roundabout (Yes)
0:27:19 – Vanden Plas – Point Of Know Return (Kansas)
0:30:31 – Unitopia – Easter (Marillion)
0:37:09 – Neal Morse – Starless (King Crimson)
0:49:24 – Tiger Moth Tales – Musical Box (Genesis)
0:55:19 – Magellan – Aqualung (Jethro Tull)
1:03:25 – Martin Miller and Guests – Carry On My Wayward Son (Kansas)
1:08:42 – Umphrey’s McGee – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd)
1:21:41 – Jeff Dow – Matte Kudasai (King Crimson)
1:24:42 – Close To The Yes – Close To The Edge (Yes)



When I was in elementary school I wore out my vinyl copy of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and that started me off on this musical journey. Along came Genesis, and I was hooked! Along the way, I developed an appreciation for Saga, Yes, and many others. This site is a labor of love as I stumble across new music in the genre, as well as reminisce about the bands whose music I turn to time and again...and always discover something new. All for one and one for the vine!