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Song by Song: Steven Wilson – 4 ½

The latest EP release by Steven Wilson parks closer to the Porcupine Tree curb than some of his previous solo releases. Though this is essentially an EP, the reason we probably get ½ in the title is that it feels more like a full set of music. I suppose the 37 minute length helps that cause.

The opening song, My Book of Regrets has the classic PT sound, with beautiful melodies with passages of strong guitar chords. There are nice keyboard and guitar solos and the fairly long length of the song promises and delivers some great transitions throughout the song. I love the “don’t let it bring you down. Just wait ‘til the morning comes” breaks. Excellent opener!

Year of The Plague has a Windam Hill sound to it. It is an instrumental which draws on the atmosphere of some of the old new age masters. A very soothing piece which possibly outs Wilson as a George Winston or Tingstad and Rumbel fan? No problem, I am too!

Happiness III brings us back to PT town. It is a compact tune but has Wilson’s signature edge to it.

Sunday Rain Sets In is a smooth, somewhat jazzy creation. This is more like the variation that we expect when listening to Mr. Wilson going solo. But wait…PT does that on occasion and there is an outburst of sorts in the song. Great song anyway.

We love you, @StevenWilsonHQ! And we love that you closed 4-1/2 with a PT remake. Click To Tweet

Vermillioncore…huh…This isn’t Porcupine Tree? (Checks the CD cover). Sure sounds like it.

Don’t Hate Me. No, we love you, Steven Wilson! And we love that you closed this release with a PT remake. This version features Ninet Tayeb singing duet style. (Don’t Give Up with Peter/Kate comes to mind).

Overall a great effort and essential addition for any Wilson/Porcupine Tree fan.

All for one and one for the vine!



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