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Finally!!!!!!!!! I know I have been absent. I have missed you too, my friends. This will happen to me every once in a while. Life will get busy or I will go through mixers block. Anyway, it is good to be back with Mix Vol 28. I just did what came to me at the time and I hope you will like it. One of my favorites appears twice in this one but I was just feeling it. Enjoy!

All for one and One For The Vine!

Song List: 

0:00:00 – Submarine Silence – Bicycle Ride from Earth to Saturn

0:08:03 – Yes – Heart of the Sunrise

0:19:11 – Rush – Spirit of The Radio

0:24:05 – Magenta – Glitterball

0:28:25 – Flower Kings – Retropolis

0:39:31 – Genesis – In The Cage

0:46:39 – Anubis – A Room with a View

1:02:34 – Genesis – The Lamia

1:09:18 – The Last Successor – See Jasmine Again

1:16:43 – Weend’ô – Angel Dust

1:24:59 – Haken – Earthlings

1:32:35 – Supertramp – Lover Boy

1:39:14 – Mohai Experiment – A New Life

1:42:39 – Porcupine Tree – Way Out Of Here

1:50:02 – Marillion – Splintering Heart

1:56:36 – RPWL – New Stars are Born

2:08:58 – Pink Floyd – Time

2:15:39 – Dif Juz – No Motion



Epics Mixes, Latest Mixes, Prog Rock

Volume 1 of my epics mixes. All songs included are over ten minutes long. This one clocks in at 8 hours plus. Just enough to get you through a work day. Special thanks to Xen Project for the inspiration.


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