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Dynamic Duos Mix Vol 2

Here we have Volume 2 featuring Rush and Saga. I was thinking about these two bands and wondered how a “Dynamic Duos” would sound with them. Once I started, I could tell that it was going to work for me. I put it together in one run. I focused on a specific period for each band, mainly in the 1980s, just to keep some focus, and I didn’t even add all of my favorites for that period, but the mixes are not supposed to cover everything, just give us a good time listening. As always check back in a couple of days for the song list (here’s why) though, this time around it’s probably not needed 🙂 

All for one and One for the Vine!



When I was in elementary school I wore out my vinyl copy of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and that started me off on this musical journey. Along came Genesis, and I was hooked! Along the way, I developed an appreciation for Saga, Yes, and many others. This site is a labor of love as I stumble across new music in the genre, as well as reminisce about the bands whose music I turn to time and again...and always discover something new. All for one and one for the vine!