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Ain’t Nobody Got Love on a Real Train [Mashup]

So while I’m getting my act together for some more mixes, my wife happened to mention that Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” would go well with Tangerine Dream’s “Love on a Real Train.” I became obsessed with bringing it to life. It didn’t take long. With no song edits, a few speed adjustments and a pitch change and it was done. A little something different, but I think you will like it, especially if you know both songs.

All for one and One For the Vine!





When I was in elementary school I wore out my vinyl copy of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and that started me off on this musical journey. Along came Genesis, and I was hooked! Along the way, I developed an appreciation for Saga, Yes, and many others. This site is a labor of love as I stumble across new music in the genre, as well as reminisce about the bands whose music I turn to time and again...and always discover something new. All for one and one for the vine!