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Dynamic Duos Mix Vol 1

This is an historic tag team mix between Genesis and Yes, from 1969-1974. My youngest son gets credit for coming up with the name for the series: Dynamic Duos. I am proud! 🙂

All for one and One for the Vine!


Song List:
00:00:00 – Yes – Survival (1969)
00:06:12 – Genesis – White Mountain (1970)
00:12:45 – Yes – Starship Trooper – A. Life Seeker; B. Disillusion; C. Wurm – (1971)
00:22:03 – Genesis – The Musical Box (1971)
00:32:23 – Yes – Roundabout (1972)
00:40:49 – Genesis – Watcher of The Skies (1972)
00:48:06 – Yes – And You And I – I. Cord Of Life, II. Eclipse, III. The Preacher The Teacher, IV. Apocalypse (1972)
00:58:05 – Genesis – Cinema Show – Aisle of Plenty (1973)
01:10:33 – Yes – To Be Over (1974)
01:19:32 – Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)




When I was in elementary school I wore out my vinyl copy of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and that started me off on this musical journey. Along came Genesis, and I was hooked! Along the way, I developed an appreciation for Saga, Yes, and many others. This site is a labor of love as I stumble across new music in the genre, as well as reminisce about the bands whose music I turn to time and again...and always discover something new. All for one and one for the vine!