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Thanks to Epiphany for kicking off the mix with their awesome tune “Black Omen” and for Collapse, who provided an outstanding transition, after some old Genesis music, with their instrumental entitled “A Labryrinth In The Void.”


Latest Mixes, Prog Blog, Prog Metal, Prog Rock, Video Concert

Just when you all thought I had retired, I reveal that I have been in the process of making the first of a video series!


Latest Mixes, Prog Blog, Prog Rock

This mix revisits a few favorites, but delves into uncharted territory, as well.


Buried Treasures, Latest Mixes, Prog Blog, Prog Rock

A brand new Buried Treasures mix for you, my friends! Enjoy!


Latest Mixes, Music, Prog Blog, Prog Rock

Welcome to Progressive Rock Mix Vol 29!


Latest Mixes, Prog Blog, Prog Rock
Finally!!!!!!!!! I know I have been absent. I have missed you too, my friends. This will happen to me every once in a while. Life will get busy or I will go through mixers block. Anyway, it is good to be back with Mix Vol 28. I just did what came to me at the time and I hope you will like it. One of my favorites appears twice in this one but I was just feeling it. Enjoy!

All for one and One For The Vine!

Song List: 

0:00:00 – Submarine Silence – Bicycle Ride from Earth to Saturn

0:08:03 – Yes – Heart of the Sunrise

0:19:11 – Rush – Spirit of The Radio

0:24:05 – Magenta – Glitterball

0:28:25 – Flower Kings – Retropolis

0:39:31 – Genesis – In The Cage

0:46:39 – Anubis – A Room with a View

1:02:34 – Genesis – The Lamia

1:09:18 – The Last Successor – See Jasmine Again

1:16:43 – Weend’ô – Angel Dust

1:24:59 – Haken – Earthlings

1:32:35 – Supertramp – Lover Boy

1:39:14 – Mohai Experiment – A New Life

1:42:39 – Porcupine Tree – Way Out Of Here

1:50:02 – Marillion – Splintering Heart

1:56:36 – RPWL – New Stars are Born

2:08:58 – Pink Floyd – Time

2:15:39 – Dif Juz – No Motion



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